Visiting Underwood Family Farms

I love Sundays because my family and I always try to go to different places where Nathaniel can explore. This past Sunday, we took him to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, Ca. The weather was perfect, sunny, but not extremely hot. The drive is about an hour away from where we live so we tried to get there early to avoid traffic. As we got there the first thing we did was check out the animal show. Nathaniel was very excited each time he saw a new animal come out. But I think his favorite was Billy the Alpaca. Sadly, I couldn’t take pictures of Billy because I was busy carrying Nathaniel. After the show, we went out to the PYO fields.

what to do in ventura county

toddler in the farm
The farm is very big so we hopped on the tractor which took us across the fields. We picked our own raspberries, strawberries, green bell peppers, and tomatoes. I think we spent about 2-3 hours there. It was so much fun and Nathaniel loved every minute of it because for some reason he found it hilarious each time I cut a berry from the tree, lol.


taking toddler to the farm for the first time

After picking our fruits, we let the kids run around and play. They loved each minute of it. If you’re ever in California, I highly recommend visiting this farm. I’m sure kids and grown-ups will love it. 

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