Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty Palette

As an avid makeup lover, I try to always be on top of all the latest products. Of course, I don’t purchase every new item because it can be pricey. One of the latest releases that made it to my must-have list was the Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty Palette. The moment I saw it on the Sephora webiste, I knew I had to have it, but I wanted to wait to see it in person. So, when I walked into Sephora two days ago and saw it, I was sold and didn’t mind paying $52 for it. In case you don’t know this is a limited-edition palette which was created by Too Faced to commemorate Sephora’s and Too Faced 15 years of working together.
too faced loves sephora palette review
As you can see, even the box is super cute. I think we’re all suckers for cute packaging, right?
too faced loves sephora palette review
This is the actual palette and as you can see it looks exactly like the box-cute! The material is tin…..just like the Naked 2. I love that it’s light-weight because it makes is perfect for traveling. Also, I love that the packaging is inspired on Sephora’s famous black and white stripped shopping bags. 
In the palette you also get these cards which have instructions on how to create 15 different looks. I love how Sephora named each look and eyeshadows after members of the Sephora team who have influenced over the years. I love when guides like these are included because a lot of times I don’t know what looks to create, so having this for inspiration is awesome. 
too faced loves sephora palette review
One of the reasons why I think this palette is worth the $52 is because you’re really getting a lot of product. Most palettes are one-sided, but this one is two-sided. Instead of a mirror you’re getting more products and to me that is better because I can only need so many mirrors. 
It is needless to say that the ten eyeshadows included in this palette are of amazing quality. They’re so buttery, super pigmented (what you see is what you get), and have very minimal fall-out. In fact, some of the shadows have no fall-out. 
From left to right: 525 Market, 1998, Jer Jer, and David & Marg.
Left to right: TF Loves The Cast, Envy, So Cal, and SOHO. 
left to right: Behind The Counter and Piano Keys
left to right: Who’s Your Poppy? which is a blush and Sun Sunny Bronzer which is a duo.
This is the famous Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. As you can see you get a very decent size of this product. I love this bronzer because it is perfect for contouring since it has absolutely no shimmer. 
You also get these extra goodies: flatbuki brush and a mini Shadow Insurance primer. 
Overall, I am in love with this palette and I think you should get it especially if you love Too Faced. You’re really getting you’re money’s worth with this palette. Not only are you getting ten shadows, but also three bronzers, a blush, a primer, and a flatbuki brush. I also see this as a versatile palette since the shadows are wearable for daytime and night-time. Some are even perfect for spring and summer. If there was anything I could change about this palette, I honestly wouldn’t change anything. I think it’s perfect the way it is. Remember, this is limited-edition so I recommend getting it right-away. You can find it at SEPHORA.COM or at the Sephora store. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and remember to subscribe to my youtube CHANNEL because I will be having tutorials using this beautiful palette. Let me know if you have this palette or if you will be getting it. Thank you for reading!!
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