The Best Shoes for Toddlers #GoPlae

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With so many options available, shoe shopping for Nathaniel can be a bit overwhelming. When he was a baby he rarely wore shoes, so when he started walking, it became sometimes tough to find him the right shoes. I decided to put together my tips oh how to shop for The Best Shoes for Toddlers #GoPlae. The Best Shoes for Toddlers #GoPlae

Flexible: When you’re shopping for shoes for your little ones, always make sure to bend them and avoid shoes that are stiff because it could impede foot development.

Lightweight: Seek for shoes that are lightweight and made from breathable and natural materials.

Get fitted: Nathaniel’s feet are wide making it hard to find cute and comfy shoes. Each time I shop for shoes, I get him fitted since toddlers are constantly growing. Don’t buy shoes that are too big thinking that your little one will grow into them. It makes it hard for toddlers to walk and can cause them to trip. Also, you might want to avoid buying too many pairs at the same time for the same reason that your child’s feet are constantly growing.

The Best Shoes for Toddlers #GoPlae

The Best Shoes for Toddlers #GoPlaeThe Best Shoes for Toddlers #GoPlaeI recently discovered PLAE as I was on the hunt for new shoes for my little guy. I purchased the Nat’ Customizable Sneaker from Nordstrom. After trying several pairs, I came across the PLAE brand. As soon as I put the shoe on Nathaniel, I knew they were the ones. The fit was perfect and I loved how flexible and soft they were Also, I didn’t have to struggle to put his foot inside. They can go perfectly with either a dressy or casual outfit. This definitely won’t be the last pair that Nathaniel will have. Nathaniel runs freely and I can tell the shoes aren’t heavy on his feet. Whenever you purchase shoes for your toddler, remember that to not only look for cute, but also for ones that will help with their foot development. The Best Shoes for Toddlers #GoPlae.

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