Sobremesa Moments with NESCAFE #MomentoNESCAFE


Working overnight makes it a bit hard to spend time with my honey during the workweek. He usually leaves for work at 7:00 a.m which is when I’m sleeping and he doesn’t get home until later in the evening, usually about 2-3 hours before it’s my turn to go to work. That’s why quality time is quite important for us. Our favorite time is usually after dinner when we create momentos de Sobremesa. You might be asking yourself, what is Sobremesa? Well,  a sobremesa could be a special moment to reconnect with your loved ones usually while sharing a good cup of coffee. I enjoy this time with my honey because after cleaning up dishes and putting the food away, I can actually sit down and talk about our days. Besides a good cup of NESCAFÉ Clásico never hurts!NESCAFE Clasico

NESCAFÉ Clásico, good company and a nice snack you’re good to go. You can have Sobremesa practiaclly anywhere even during a picnic. I don’t know about you, but I love NESCAFÉ® CLÁSICO™ for it’s rich, bold, unique taste. It’s a “cafecito” latino consumers love from home. If you don’t enjoy caffeine, there’s no excuse, you can still have Sobremesa with NESCAFÉ® decaf.

NESCAFE clasico
sobremesa, NESCAFE Clasico,
I would like to invite you to share your Sobremesa Do you have Sobremesa with you loved ones? I know I remember my grandmother, aunts and uncles always sitting in the table after a meal and chitchatting for hours. I always wondered what was so fun about that, but now that I do it, I know that it’s a special moment that helps create memories and connections. What I love about Sobremesa is that you don’t necessarily need a table. As long as you have your cup of Nescafe coffee you’re guaranteed to create connections and memories. I can’t wait for you to share your Sobremesa moments through your social media channels. Tag @NESCAFELatino using the hashtag #MomentoNESCAFE. NESCAFÉ Clásico wants remind you that you could enjoy a great moment any day of the week simply by bringing coffee to the table after dinner.

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