Shiseido The Ultimate Wrinkle Smoothing Set

I ran out of my current skincare so headed to Nordstrom to try a new skincare line.  For many years, I’ve heard great things about Shiseido skincare products, but I had never given them a try until now. I purchased the Shiseido Ultimate Wrinkle Smoothing set. I prefer to purchase beauty items in sets because you get more for your bucks.

Shiseido The Gift of Ultimate Wrinkle SmoothingNordstrom had a few sets but I decided to go with the Shiseido Wrinkle Smoothing set.  After hitting 30, I am more than ever treating my skin for those fine lines. Let’s start with the Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Day Cream. It broke me out the first week I used it, but after that, I haven’t had any issues with breaking out. I want to say that it was just my skin reacting to a different product. The Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate serum is great! I’ve tried other serums and they’ve been good, but this serum has helped my skin look healthier. Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 Day CreamI was told by the beauty consultant that the Treatment Softener Enriched lotion is like a toner, but I have to say that it feels nothing like a toner. Every toner I’ve tried in the past have dried up my skin because of the alcohol – this one doesn’t. I love that! It makes it a great to prep the skin right before the serum. I am yet to try the other products in the set. So far I’ve used these products for about two weeks and although the results are not amazing, I can definitely see an improvement in my skin. I will continue to use these products, hopefully, the results will only get better. Shiseido The Gift of Ultimate Wrinkle Smoothing Set


-A little bit of product goes a long way.

-The scent is not overpowering.

-Doesn’t irritate the skin.

-Great value when purchased in the set.

-Comes in a beautiful red box – perfect for gifting.

-You get two full-size products in this set.


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