Saving the Wedding #MoreMomentsWithExcedrin

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I was about thirteen-years-old when I experienced my first migraine. I remember sitting in the classroom and one of the fire alarms went off. I suddenly began to feel my head pulse and the pain just got worse by the second as nausea kicked in. I have to admit that I was scared. I mean, I had never experienced such a thing and the feeling of seeing blurry made things worse. I began to wonder if I was going blind! Sadly, a few weeks later, I was diagnosed with migraines.

Aside from my son’s birth, my brother David’s wedding is probably one of the most memorable events that I always look back on, but would you believe that I almost missed it because of a migraine? It was about noon when I started getting ready for my brother’s big day. I headed out to get my makeup done and then went home to get dressed. About forty minutes before heading out, I started seeing blurry, I knew a migraine was coming. I went into my bedroom closed the curtains and laid to rest because in the past that’s what helped a migraine go away. This time, nothing seemed to make it better, though.

The time for the wedding was approaching and I knew I wasn’t going to make it. Out of nowhere, my boyfriend walked in and handed me a bottle of Excedrin® Migraine (use as directed). Within thirty minutes, the pain began to be alleviated. I was able to resume getting ready and head out to my brother’s wedding.

Excedrin® Migraine starts to relieve migraine pain in 30 minutes. It’s #1 Neurologist Recommended.* I make sure to always have my cabinet organized and with Excedrin®. I know that can be difficult to do at times because we take different medications and the cabinet ends up cluttered. But here is how I do it.

 Remove everything from the cabinet: This will make it easier to clean out and dust off the inside. 


Throw out expired medication: Very important! Oftentimes, we end up having way too many expired meds that need to be thrown away.

Separate adult and child medication: I like to use a plastic container to make it easier to pull everything out when I need to find what I am looking for. It also helps me keep the cabinet organized.

Away from children: Last but not least, it’s IMPORTANT to keep all medicine away from children’s reach. This is why I keep all medicine in a cabinet where Nathaniel cannot reach.Keeping an organized medicine cabinet makes it easier to find your medicine when the need arises. Especially if you suffer from headaches or migraines, you want to make sure those are easy to find when you need them. Consult your doctor if you think you are suffering from migraines and only take Excedrin® as directed.

I keep a bottle of Excedrin® Migraine for my migraines and Excedrin® Extra Strength for when I get severe headaches. Remember, they’re different things and you should only take Excedrin® Migraine if you have been diagnosed with Migraines by a doctor. You should not use the products if you are under 18 or pregnant. Make sure to stop by Walmart if you need to purchase.

Do you suffer from migraines or headaches? How do you deal with them?
*Among OTC medicine for migraines. Symphony Health Solutions, 2016

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  1. Cristi Comes
    February 28, 2017 / 4:28 pm

    I love having a special container for our meds to keep together and up and away from the kids too. It’s also so easy to bring it along when someone isn’t feeling well. {client}

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