Relieving Dry Skin During Pregnancy + Giveaway/Sorteo #FamiliaFirst

The many changes in hormones can lead to the so-called pregnancy glow for some women, but for other pregnant women, including myself, it can lead to severe dry skin. For the past months, my skin has been dryer than usual. So, for those that are suffering from the same issue, even if you’re not pregnant, I want to share a few tips to help ease the itchy/dry skin. Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion Shea + Calming Lavender Jasmine

Stay hydrated! Water will keep your body hydrated resulting in naturally moisturized skin.

Always use lukewarm water during showers.
 If you are like me this is a tough one since hot showers tend to relax the body. However, hot water removes the skin’s natural body oils resulting in dry and itchy skin.
Try face masks: If you’re face is also suffering from dryness, I highly suggest using a face mask once a week. Make sure the face mask you use is one aimed to hydrate and refresh your face.  
Choose the right lotion. “Choosing a lotion with moisturizing ingredients is necessary to help restore dry skin. Try a lightly scented lotion such as LUBRIDERM® Daily Moisture Lotion Shea + Calming Lavender Jasmine to replenish dry skin and leave it feeling as good as it smells.” 
Apply moisturizer right after showering/bathing. Dr. Maria Patricia Rivas, a dermatologist for LUBRIDERM®,  states that the best time to effectively moisturize our skin is immediately after showering/bathing. “Although your skin absorbs water while bathing, it is prone to evaporating as soon as you towel off to dry. By applying lotion directly after your bath or shower, you will trap in the moisture and prevent the skin from drying out.” 
I use LUBRIDERM® everyday all over my body and it has definitely made a huge difference. I am now able to have moisturized skin for 24 hours without feeling greasy. I love how the lotion absorbs
within seconds yet moisturizes for hours. I must add that LUBRIDERM® is family-friendly. There is something for everyone! 
If you are wanting to try three of these amazing body lotions, now is your time to do so. LUBRIDERM® is giving away three full size bottles of your choice to a lucky winner. Go here for a list of products. Please remember to follow all rules. I will check.  Good Luck!!!

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  1. May 19, 2015 / 12:32 am

    Estas lociones con su fórmula enriquecida si que son de maravilla porque ayuda a tener la piel hidratada por horas sin dejar la sensación grasosa de otras lociones lo mejor es que la hidratación es permanente gracias por los tipos y el sorteo

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