Nathaniel’s First Classic


*This post contains affiliate links. Radio Flyer® Classic Dual Deck Tricycle -Red

When I was in kinder, I always looked forward to recess to ride the tricycle. I remember riding it for as long as I could hoping no one else would ask for a turn. One of the gifts Nathaniel received on his second birthday was the Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle. As soon as I saw it, it brought childhood memories. I almost wanted to ride it myself, lol. Radio Flyer® Classic Dual Deck Tricycle -Red The assembling was easy and took only about five minutes. Nathaniel’s feet didn’t reach the pedals or touch the ground the first time he attempted to ride it. But now he’s the perfect size for it. The tricycle is sturdy and has a controlled turning radius which prevents tipping for safe and confident riding. Nathaniel is still having a hard time pedaling, but eventually, he will get used to it. Before I even thought about having a child, I knew I wanted my child to have a tricycle like the one I played with when I was a kid. I am so glad to see that Radio Flyer offers that. Radio Flyer® Classic Dual Deck Tricycle -RedThe Radio Flyer Red Classic Dual Deck Tricycle retails for $69.99. It sounds a bit steep for a first-time tricycle but I know Nathaniel will get a good use of it. The only problem I’ve had with the tricycle is that it has begun to make a sound. Perhaps some W-D40 will fix it. I read that Radio Flyer has been around for the past 100 years.  That’s amazing! It’s no wonder why they’ve been around so long. The products are well made and kids love them.


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