Princess House Dice ‘N Chop Veggie Chopper

I’ve been cooking at home more often now because it’s cheaper and healthier. I love recipes and things that help me make tasty and nutritious meals. As I was browsing the Princess House catalog, I came across  the Princess House Dice ‘N Chop Veggie Chopper. I knew I had to order it. Princess House Dice ‘N Chop Veggie Chopper Putting the chopper together is easy. It comes with two interchangeable blades -a small and medium. I use the small blade mostly to chop onions. If you’re like me and hate wasting food then you will enjoy the clearly marked measurements on the base. Princess House Dice ‘N Chop Veggie Chopper I enjoy making Pico De Gallo almost everyday because it’s tasty and easy to make. I start off washing my ingredients and slicing them so they lay flat on the blade. I then insert the blade I want to use and I press it down. If you hear a popping sound as you press, don’t worry, nothing has broken. Princess House Dice ‘N Chop Veggie Chopper Princess House Dice ‘N Chop Veggie Chopper Princess House Dice ‘N Chop Veggie Chopper Add some lemon and salt to taste and TADA! You’re done! The cleaning is also easy because there is no small parts or wires. I’ve purchased various Princess House items and this is one of my favorites. Not only is it practical, but also a time saver. Other things that use the Princess House Dice ‘N Chop Veggie Chopper for are: apples, pears, hard-boiled eggs – to name a few. Even my brother uses the Princess House Dice ‘N Chop Veggie Chopper! I can’t get enough of it. I had purchased a similar chopper in the past, but I had trouble with it because it would slide all over the place. This guy though has non-skid feet that securely hold the base in place while you chop. Are there any Princess House items you recommend? I am actually about to start packing Nathaniel’s lunch for tomorrow and I will be using the chopper to make a fruit salad. I’ll let you all know how that turns out. 😊

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