Night-Time Routine #QueenoftheSouth

One of my favorite things to do once Nathaniel falls asleep, if I don’t have other important things to do, is watch tv shows or movies with my honey. I was recently chosen for an opportunity to watch the first episode of Queen of the South starring Alice Braga. My honey and I are huge fans of narco tv shows and movies so as soon as I knew I had get the opportunity to watch the first episode before it even aired,  I knew he was going to be happy. I made sure to watch the episode as soon as I finished my night-time skincare routine.

Queen of the South

Let me tell you, this won’t be your typical cartel show where man rule. Queen of the South because from the little I know, based on the book, Teresa’s life is full of struggles and I want to see what her destiny will be. The show is based on the best-selling novel, La Reina Del Sur, if you have read the book and you enjoyed it, you will love this show. Make sure you watch my quick video to see how my typical night routine is. This time women are the bosses and I love that! I’m all about women being powerful and becoming successful despite life’s struggles. That’s why I want to continue watching. Do you have any shows you watch religiously? what kind of shows are you into?

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