My 33 Week 4D Ultrasound

From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to have my first ultrasound to take a little peek at my little one. But as we all know, those regular 2d ultrasound aren’t as clear as we would like them to be. So, I was anxious to schedule an appointment for a 4d ultrasound once my baby got closer to being fully developed. At last, yesterday,33 weeks,  I went into My Baby 4D in Glendale, Ca for the ultrasound.  
My appointment was a 2:00 pm, but I ran into a short inconvenience that made me a bit late. At about 2:15 the lady, I believe her name is Irina, called me to confirm that I was still going to show up. I apologized and said I was on my way. She said not to worry that she would still take me in. I finally arrived at about 2:30 pm. 
The whole session was better than I expected. From the moment we walked in she was very friendly and I felt comfortable. The moment the ultrasound began, she immediately confirmed once again that I am having a boy. I was filled with joy to see my little one. He gave me a few smiles which melted my heart. 
prenatal ultrasound of glendale
prenatal ultrasound of glendale
If you  are in the LA area looking for a place to get a 4D ultrasound, then I highly recommend Prenatal Ultrasound of Glendale. Even if you’re on a budget, they’ll have a package that’ll fit your needs. The 4d ultrasound is such a wonderful thing to do. Being able to see his movements and see how far he’s come along in development, makes me feel even more connected. It’s such a special feeling! 

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