MAC MamaStarrr Lipstick Review and Swatches

Long gone are the days when I used to jump on almost every MAC makeup collection release. Now, an item must really intrigue me for me to purchase it. PATRICKSTARRR recently launched his collaboration with MAC and I wasn’t going to buy anything until I saw the MAC MAMASTARRR lipstick. WOW! MAC MAMASTARRR LIPSTICKMAC MAMASTARRR LIPSTICKThe minute I saw it I knew I had to have it. MAMASTARRR is a warm light brown shade with a satin finish. I think this shade will look great on any skin tone. Although it’s not known as a nude shade, I think it can pass for one. The formula, like any MAC sheen formula, it glides on easily and has good lasting power. I wore this shade out for brunch last Sunday and it lasted quite well. MAC MAMASTARRR LIPSTICKMAC MAMASTARRR LIPSTICKMAC MAMASTARRR LIPSTICKMAC MAMASTARRR LIPSTICKI’ve never said this about any other MAC limited edition lipstick, but I wish I would have picked up a backup. I can’t get enough of MAMASTARRR! It’s the perfect lipstick for that “no makeup look”. This is the only item that I picked up from the MAC X PATRICKSTARRR collection and I am completely happy.


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