Lush Easter Collection 2014

If you are a fan of Lush products then you will definitely fall in love with their new Easter 2014 Collection. The collection consists of eight limited edition products plus two gift sets. The folks at LUSH were quite generous to send me over some goodies and I’m totally diggin’ them. This was my first time trying them out and I must admit – I now see what the whole hype is about. 
BRIGHTSIDE BUBBLE BAR: This is actually a comeback from last year since it was very popular. This was the first one I tried and I fell in love with the scent -very relaxing. It’s a made of citrus blends like mandarin and tangerine. I definitely wanted to save as much of the product for a second time so I used less than half and my bathtub was very orang-y and full of bubbles. The scent definitely lasted on my body even hours after. Also, a huge plus is that the citrus oils in this bar help to tone and brighten the skin. Gotta start using more citrus oils on my body now, ha!
$10.95 HERE
BUNNY BUBBLE BAR: How adorable is this little bunny?? I must admit that at first I didn’t want to use it because it’s just too cute. If your skin needs moisture this is the perfect bubble bar for you because it’s loaded with tons of coconut oil and shea butter, and we all know how awesome coconut oil is. As the bunny dissolved I noticed that the inside had petals, which I later realized are cornflower petals. After doing a tiny research I found out that they help to reduce inflammation.
$6.95 HERE
CARROT SOAP: This is currently sitting in my bathroom sink and let me tell you that my hands love it. I noticed that my hands are a lot softer now and they always smell sweet. This soap contains carrot oil and cocoa butter which definitely come in handy when washing your hands constantly. At first I thought this was going to smell like carrots, but it doesn’t. It has a sweet yet citrus smell. Love it! 
$6.95 HERE
FLUFFY EGG BATH BOMB: This is another fan favorite that’s why it has been brought back again. By now you probably know that my favorite color is pink so when the water in my tub turned pink I was one happy gal. The aroma described for this bath bomb is sweet like cotton candy, but to me it smells more like roses – which I don’t mind at all. 
$5.95 HERE
THE IMMACULATE EGCEPTION-PINK: I am yet to use this bath bomb but just by looking at it I can already tell that I will love it. It’s a giant pink egg but there is also a buttercream yellow available. What’s cool about this egg is that there is a little surprise inside. I am eager to find out what mine holds. Have you had one of these before? What did your contain? I can’t wait to try out this one! It smells like grapefruit oil and it definitely has my room smelling fresh. 
$12.95 HERE
GOLDEN EGG: As soon as I saw this large egg I was in love. It looks like it’s really made out of gold. Even when I picked it up I had gold luster on my fingers. This egg is a combination of a bath bomb and a luxury bath bomb melt. The smell on it is not as strong as the others, but you can still indulge in it’s relaxing scent. After the bath, I did notice a small amounts of luster on my body -which I don’t mind at all. It definitely left my kin smelling delish and very well moisturized. Gotta thank the olive oil and cocoa butter for that. 
$8.95 HERE
This collection became available today in stores and as always you can also purchase online. I have quite few product left since I didn’t use up everything. Of what’s left, I have it in a tiny basket on my bathroom counter and bedroom. The essential oils are so rich that they fill the room with relaxing scents. I definitely enjoy sleeping a lot more after a long night at work. From the words of Lush, “Get hoppin’ into spring with our eggcellent Easter range!” 

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