#LarryMania Season 2 Premiere Party

I had the awesome opportunity to attend the LarryMania Season 2 Premiere Party thanks to Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective. The event was at the Supper Club in Hollywood. Larry Hernandez is  one of the most recognized artist in the regional music genre. During season one of #LarryMania, 2.5 million viewers tuned in to Mun2 to watch their favorite music celebrity. This made the reality show the number one program in cable network. Larry Hernandez has won many prestigious awards in the last year such as: Premio Lo Nuestro, Latin Billboard, and Regional Banda Artist of the Year. 
I knew I was at the correct location when I saw the bus 🙂 
 Larry arrived with his beautiful girlfriend Kenia Ontiveros and mother Manuela Ceniceros
Larry Hernandez posing for my camera. 
I’m a fan of Larry’s music and to know that he is such a humble person makes me love him even more. Muchisimas gracias Larry Hernandez por la foto. LOL I was looking at another camera when this picture was taken, hence my eyes look weird. 
Make sure you tune in to Mundos to watch LarryMania this Sunday August 18 at 9p/8c. Once again, thank you +ana lydia monaco for the opportunity. 

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