It’s More than Just a Bath with Johnson’s Baby #LittleWonders

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of JOHNSON’S® Baby. The opinions and text are my own.
Before Nathaniel was born, I probably watched over one hundred online tutorials on how to give a newborn the perfect bath. But when the day came to give Nathaniel his first bath, I was nervous regardless of how many videos I had watched. I wanted to make sure that he was comfortable, that the water wasn’t too hot or too cold, or that I was cleaning him properly. Somehow everything started coming together and I felt so proud of myself for doing it all by myself. The first time I bathed Nathaniel, I used Baby Johnson’s Baby Little Wonders. JOHNSON’S® Baby Head-To-Toe extra moisturizing

Now that Nathaniel is one-year-old, I more than ever understand the importance of a bathtime because it consists of more than just hygiene. I also find it to be the perfect time to give my little boy a massage. Massages have been shown to improve a baby’s skin health and overall development and it’s true! When my baby is in his bathtub, he becomes even more active than how he normally is. He begins talking, singing, he even wants to stand and dance.JOHNSON’S® Baby Head-To-Toe extra moisturizing It’s also important for me to keep my son’s skin very hydrated. A baby’s skin is 20% more fragile than that of an adult making it more vulnerable to irritations if harsh products are used. For that reason, I have been using JOHNSON’s Baby products since his newborn days. Lately, we have been using JOHNSON’S® Baby new HEAD-TO-TOE™ bath time washes, creams, and cleansing cloths.JOHNSON’S® Baby Head-To-Toe extra moisturizing

JOHNSON’S® Baby Head-To-Toe extra moisturizing
JOHNSON’S® Baby Head-To-Toe extra moisturizing We usually start off with a bath using the JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE™ Baby Wash and shampoo. After he finishes playing and I begin to notice that he’s falling asleep, I take him out and give him a massage using the HEAD-TO-TOE™ Baby Lotion. It really nourishes Nathaniel’s delicate skin. On days when we’re out and things get messy, I always rely on the Head-To-Toe Extra baby cleansing cloths. I can clean him from head to toe without the need for a bathtub. Do you have a special bathtime routine that you follow with your little bundle of joy? Have you tried these amazing JOHNSON’S Baby New HEAD-TO-TOE products?

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