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During the first two months of becoming a mom, I wasn’t able to manage my time well. I was struggling with taking care of different tasks around the house. Even taking a shower seemed like such a difficult task each day. It’s quite easy to get caught up in the daily grind of being a mom that we (mommies) can often forget about ourselves. Whether it be something as simple as taking your vitamins or sitting down to enjoy your meal. We should be able to have some “me time”. As time progressed, I was able to manage my time more efficiently by changing things up a notch. Here is my list of how I am able to manage my time and take care of my baby too.#EssentialVitamins

Wake up an hour earlier: Nathaniel usually sleeps until 9 am so I wake up at 8 to enjoy my shower and do my makeup. Doing my makeup makes my day go 100 times better. After doing my makeup and taking care of my hygiene, I head downstairs to make my coffee and check my email.#EssentialVitamins
Have an agenda/calendar: I always tried to keep track of my appointments and things-to-do lists on my phone, but that didn’t work. There’s something about having things written down and seeing them on paper that helps me be more organized and not forget about important appointments/due dates.

House cleaning help: If you can afford it, get someone to come and do the heavy duty cleaning around the house. As much as I tried to be the mommy who did it all, I couldn’t keep up with it. I had to get someone to help me out twice a month with the heavy duty cleaning. This is huge for me. Having a clean home gives me time to be outdoors interacting with my son more often.

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#EssentialVitamins Take your vitamins: With the million things that we have to do it’s quite important that we take care of bodies. Even if we try to eat healthy, sometimes our bodies still don’t get sufficient vitamins. My favorite vitamins are new at Walgreens. They’re the Centrum MultiGummies and VITAMINTS in Raspberry flavor. I love the fruity and refreshing taste. Also, it makes me happy to know that when I purchase my vitamins from Walgreens, I am not only getting vitamins for myself, but also for others in need. Why you might wonder, well, each time someone purchases vitamins at Walgreens, they donate to Vitamin Angels, a foundation that helps bring vitamins to millions of children and mothers in need around the globe.

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Do you have any life hacks that make your life better?? Any tips and tricks on how you’re able to be be that super mom? I would like to know all about them!

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