Grand Opening of Kelly’s Boutique

Starting a business is I think everyones dream, I know it’s one of mine. I am so happy for my niece because last week she and her mother hosted the grand opening of their business, Kelly’s Boutique. It fills me with joy to see others accomplish their goals because it inspires me to keep working harder to achieve mine. The day of the opening was also Kelly’s (my niece) birthday. What a great gift, right?  Of course family and friends were there to support this new adventure.
Kelly’s Boutique offers cute yet affordable women’s fashion.  For now, only handbags and clothing are available, but with time more items will be added.
The first items I noticed were the handbags. I have to say that they made some great choices because I fell in love with all of them. The colors are perfect for this time of year and would look fabulous with any outfit.
How cute are these tops? and the leopard print faux leather skirt is a must-have! I can picture wearing it with a blazer and some killer heels. 
Yummy cake!!!
Family and friends!

If you are in the LA area please visit the location!
Kelly’s Boutique 
1927 S. Western Ave 
Los Angeles, Ca 90018

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