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Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to attend Chill at The Queen Mary, thanks to their amazing PR team. I was very excited about the opportunity because I had already put it under my list for things to do this year during the holidays. Chill is an annual “frozen holiday event which is highlighted by the Ice Kingdom, featuring more than TWO MILLION pounds of ice hand carved into spectacular story of the Nutcracker. There’s also a six-lane ice tubing run, ice skating, the world’s largest rocking horse, world’s largest snowman bouncy, beverages and cocktails plus daily entertainment. “
As soon as you walk in you’re in candy lane! It’s a great pictures for family pictures. I took quite a few with my family.  There’s even the Gingerbread man!

Let me tell you about the Ice Kingdom……WOW!!! I was beyond amazed at the sculptures of ice that have been created! But also let me warn you that it’s FREEZING in there! It’s about NINE degrees in there! but it’s worth it to see all the beautiful hand-made sculptures. I really appreciate that parkas are provided because just your jacket wont do. The Ice Kingdom is an enchanting igloo where you can enjoy the story of The Nutcracker made entirely out of ice! You will sure enjoy the 13,000 square foot of winter wonderland that Ice Kingdom has to offer. 
Queen Mary Chill
Chill Queen Mary
Queen Mary
Queen Mary Holidays
Aren’t they amazing!!! I only wonder how long it takes to make just one of these. They’re beautiful!!! and these are only a few of the many to see. Although it’s freezing in there, you can’t help but take lots of pictures! 
Chill at The Queen Mary also offers ice tubbing which is basically sliding on ice! It’s so much fun! If you have children, I’m sure they’ll love this!! I wish I would have snapped a picture, but I was having too much fun that I completely forgot. 
The ice skating rink is one of the most beautiful ones that I’ve seen. You get to skate right in front of The Queen Mary! It’s such a beautiful scenery specially at night.
Ice Skating Rink
Of course with all the walking around, we did get hungry! There is so much yummy food here! We ended up having burgers and hot dogs from The Jolly Grill. As expected the food was a bit pricey, but of course when it comes to events like these that’s always the case. So no biggie for me. I must add that I was glad that all stands take credit cards and not just case….. to me that’s sometimes an inconvenience because I hardly ever have cash…. always my debit card and credit cards. 
You must be wondering how much does this cost. Tickets start off at $14.95. That’s just to get in…. so I suggest you purchase a package with start at $34.95. It gives you the World of Ice + ice tubbing or ice skating. Also, you I’ve seen some deals on Groupon, so make sure to check that out. If you want more detailed information on prices or the whole Chill event you can also go to the Website. I know it might sound pricey, but I would pay for it because it’s so much fun. Plus you get a complimentary tour of the The Queen Mary. If you have children, I highly encourage Chill at The Queen Mary for great holiday season activities. 
When you’re there don’t forget to checkout their gift store. There are so many beautiful ornaments and anything Christmas you can think of. 

Shoutout to Keurig for having complimentary hot drinks! These definitely kept us warm and cozy throughout the night.
Queen Mary Chill
The weather was definitely chilly yesterday, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time. I loved this place, everything was great! The employees were all super friendly and very helpful. I definitely will be back next year. Music, arts and crafts, elfs, lights, food….. you name it. Chill will definitely put you in the holiday spirit. I am so thankful for this opportunity because I now have memories shared with my family that will last a lifetime. 
Happy Holidays guys!! I hope you enjoy this beautiful season with your families. Please let me know if you’ve visited Chill or if you’re planning on doing so, XO.

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