CHILL at the Queen Mary – Ice Adventure Park

If you’re looking for places to visit this Holiday season, you must head to CHILL at the Queen Mary. The folks at CHILL invited my family and I this afternoon to the ice park as part of press/media opening night. If I loved CHILL before, I love it even more now.CHILL at the Queen Mary CHILL at the Queen Mary

CHILL at the Queen Mary CHILL gives you the opportunity to embark on an International Holiday Expedition featuring cultural traditions from around the world. The park is a 38,000-square foot – the first of its kind in the United States. You’ll get to experience the North Pole, Russia’s Blizzard Boulevard, Switzerland Alpine Square, Holland’s Windmill Way, German’s Munich Market and China’s Forbidden City.  Not to mention the good you can sample, music and live entertainment making it perfect for the holidays.CHILL at the Queen MaryCHILL at the Queen MaryCHILL at the Queen MaryIn previous years, CHILL featured themed ice sculptures, but this year they switched up things. This year visitors will get to enjoy various activities. Ice Skating, an Ice Track, Amsterdam Bumper Boats, Shanghai Speedway, a Zip Line, Ice Shuffleboard, Ice Tubing slide and so much more!CHILL at the Queen MaryCHILL at the Queen MaryCHILL is not only perfect for family fun, but it’s also a great place for a date. I know the first time I visited the park, I was still dating my husband, lol. If you are planning on visiting southern California or you live in southern California, make sure you stop by this amazing park to make your holidays even brighter. CHILL is now officially open daily from 4:30 pm – 11:00 pm until January 7th. Make sure you bundle up because it can get cold especially at night. CHILL at the Queen MaryGeneral admission includes Skating, Tubing, Giant Rocking Horse, Live Entertainment, Same-Day Admission to The Queen Mary. The other activities are extra and can be obtained in the Ultimate Expedition package. Visiting CHILL has started to become a family tradition and I know it’ll continue to get even better.

*I received complimentary tickets to CHILL*

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