Best Legoland Rides for Toddlers

The first time my family and I visited Legoland was about two years ago. Nathaniel was still too young to enjoy. This time around, he got to enjoy the park and he loved it so much that he asks me almost every day when we’re going back. One of the things I look at whenever I visit a family fun place is height and age restrictions because it’s important to me that if I go somewhere, my son gets to enjoy too. This is the reason why I wanted to create a list of the Best Legoland Rides for Toddlers.Top Toddler Rides at Legoland CaliforniaLegoland California Brick-or-Treat Junior Driving School: Nathaniel cried when his time was up because he loved it so much. Luckily, the line wasn’t so long and we were able to go back for another round.

Sky Patrol: Nathaniel says this is the flying ride. This ride goes up and down and your little one will feel like a pilot and in control of his/her own helicopter.

Lego Ninjago: My son loves ninjas and he was happy until some scary looking guys popped out during the game. Top Toddler Rides at Legoland CaliforniaCoast Cruise: The perfect ride to just sit and relax. This boat takes you around on a Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Mt. Rushmore and a lakeside view of Miniland USA. Perfect ride to rest from having to be after your little one, lol.

Legoland Express: If your toddler loves trains this is a must. I made a line to get my son back on this ride three times. Top Toddler Rides at Legoland CaliforniaDuplo Playtown: I spent a lot of time here with Nathaniel. He couldn’t get enough of it. There is just so much to do for toddlers. In Nathaniel’s words, “this is the best playground!”

Other activities/rides a toddler can enjoy at Legoland are:

Cargo Ace

Dig the Dinos

Dune Raiders

Fairy Tale Brook

Mia’s Riding Camp

Lost Kingdom Adventure

Nathaniel’s Outfit

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